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NetPaste, is a natural and transparent extension of copy & pasting for developers over multiple PC’s sharing a LAN. Simply By Ctrl-Alt-Shift C broadcasting copy event to all NetPaste aware PC's and Ctrl-Alt-Shift V pasting from source PC

The Tao of Pasting

We, the PHD's of Copy&Paste have toiled for many a weeks to fully understand what is copying, what is pasting and how should they incorporate into the next generation of network computing, the simplicity of extending the copy, the paste beyond ones pc is essential component in the unification of user interfacing and multitasking made easy.     

Example - Scenario of use.

1) We have two PCs, both are running apache server, and you want to copy some of the configuration parameters, just a few lines from the httpd.conf to the other pc, by using NetPaste, you simply open the file within your editor and press Ctrl -Alt- Shift C,  . Netpaste is a system hook app, which means is catches the special key combination and gets the text from the clipboard. You don't have to do any special right click this or that to activate it, just another key combination for copy and paste.
2) You go (physically) or just move your head to the PC screen next to your or hit the kb switch, to the Target PC, there you open the config file and find the place where you want to Paste (usually the place of the cursor), hit the Ctrl -Alt- Shift V  and a popup will show you the list of copy from sources, if you work for example with only two PCs, you will see the PC that you did the copy from. Click Ok and that's it!

How to Install NetPaste 

Download the installer and run it, choose folder etc... after installation run Netpaste either from the Start -> Programs -> Netpaste  or from where you installed it (Netpaste.exe). Test that NetPaste is running by clicking Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Q or notice the tray icon on the taskbar, if a popup for closing NetPaste displays, it's running, click cancel and continue. You can place the NetPaste.exe process in the startup menu, so that it will run when you start your computer. The NetPaste is a small footprint process, together with the dll it is about 140K so don't worry about any overhead. You will need to install it per machine that you want to copy from and paste to, and that’s about it. Uninstall by deleting these two files.

Download Beta 1.1 package

The Copy Process

Place your hands on the keyboard  - there are two ways the one hand formation and the two hands formation -

One hand formation -

This technique uses the left finger (pinky) to press simultaneously on the Shift and Ctrl, while the thumb presses the Alt and the forefinger press the C. this is a highly complex technique and used by Advanced users of NetPaste.

Two hands formation -

Phase A
Phase B
  The more friendly way, by using Left hand to press Alt, Ctrl, Shift, you comfortably place your thumb on the table, you pinky is also loose, then come the next hand... Then using the right hand to point and click C

The Paste Process

Paste from, Host list
    After clicking the Paste combination which is the same as the copy but with the V instead of the C, you will get this popup, and choosing the source to copy from and clicking OK, the content will be pasted where you have place the cursor of the application. thats it! (remember you need the two machines to be up and running & connected on the same LAN). Henceforth the resulted paste will show itself just as if it were from your local PC!

How to Quit NetPaste

Why a sane person will want to activate this lamentable option, which sometime is but a necessity of nature itself that afflict all software. just press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Q, where a popup will show the well known question of do you really, really want to close NetPaste? if the application from some reasons and due to the betaness of this version persist in not giving way to this popup, then by all means you will have to open the TaskManager or Ctrl-Alt-Delete and find persistent process (netpaste.exe) and terminate it.

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